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The MAP is a collaborative effort between Patrick Moraz and Greg Alban.

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Patrick Moraz - An interview with the keyboardist, formally of "Yes" and "The Moody Blues". "

by Musicguy247

Patrick Moraz is a keyboardist, best known to have been a member the of progressive rock groups, "Yes" and "The Moody Blues". Originally from Switzerland, Patrick was exposed to musical greats such as Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Yehudi Menuhin, and others at a young age due to his father's involvement in the entertainment field. Read More...

Moraz Alban Project

by Grande Rock

Moraz Alban Project is a collaboration between the legendary keyboardist Patrick Moraz and the gifted drummer Greg Alban. Both musicians have cooperated in the past too but they never worked on a project on their own, until now. “MAP” is the first release of this project. Grande Rock had a chat with Greg so as to find out more info about this project and their next plans. Read for more below… Read More...

The MAP Review

by Music Street Journal

Patrick Moraz is probably best known for his stints as the keyboard player for Yes and The Moody Blues. The thing is, he’s done a lot of other music over the years. The “Alban” in the name refers to drummer Greg Alban. Although the project is fundamentally theirs, there are some other musicians on hand here. The music is jazzy and fusion like. Read More...

Ex-Yes man unveils his world fusion instrumental duo.

by Team Rock

Patrick Moraz may still be best known for his stints with Yes and the Moody Blues, but you’ll find few clues as to this material in the work of either of those two bands.Read More...


The Ray Shasho Show

The Ray Shasho Show with special guest Patrick Moraz (Keyboardist 'YES' and the Moody Blues)Listen Here

Patrick Moraz Interview – The Story Of “P”

by Local Band For Hire!

Historically remembered for his iconic work on the Yes Relayer album from 1974, keyboardist Patrick Moraz has built a remarkable solo career that has made him one of the most celebrated keyboardists of his age. Playing to audiences around the world, Moraz still reigns supreme as both performer and artist. His technical ability is legendary, yet it is the scope and mastery of musical styles that thrusts him into the category elite.Read More...

Patrick Moraz: MAPping Out the Future

by Musoscribe

Bill Kopp: Speaking of Moog, the K2000 dates from the period when Dr. R.A. (Bob) Moog was doing work for Kurzweil; he actually created many of the sounds for the K2000.

Patrick Moraz: Even farther back – in 1975, forty years ago! Read More...

Review - Moraz Alban Project

by Classic Rock Radio

I got turned onto pianist / keyboardist Patrick Moraz via way of the progressive rock group, Yes, back in the nineteen seventies. Patrick was Rick Wakeman's replacement after he and the group parted company upon completion of the Tales From Topographic Oceans tour. Read More...

Ex Yes and Moody Blues keyboardist in collaboration with drummer Greg Alban

by Team Rock

Patrick Moraz has released his collaborative album entitled Moraz Album Project – or MAP for short.

The former Yes and Moody Blues man partnered with longtime friend and drummer Greg Alban on the record, which is billed as ‘a collection of instrumental pieces that range in style and spirit of world-fusion, rock and jazz.’Read More...

Jonathan Phillip Moffett


This is a 'Fantastic Story' of my dear friend Greg Alban! Greg is a "Great Drummer", with 'Groove' And 'Chops' around the kit! Friends since the Early 80's,.. he and I hang out for dinner often,.. attend local shows together around the L.A. area of respected musician artists we both admire,.. and Cherish "ALL" The Beautiful New 'And' Vintage "Drum Kits" out there we run across in different mediums of finds! "I've heard this album and it is an 'Amazing' Journey, of musicality, rhythm space, technical abilities, and structured arrangements, to fascinate and tantalize your senses with their creative musical abilities!" I'm 'Proud' of my friend Greg, in sticking with his art And dream of expressing in "His First Loves", "Drumming and Music",.. all along the way through the years around his work! His work ethics are impressive and inspiring. And his drumming abilities are amazing! And "Patrick Moraz"! What can I say but,... He's a "Musical Genius",.. with a 'Vision Of the Cosmos' inside his spirit and mind! And it's Great to hear it Released and Come Out again,.. this many years down the line! An "Icon", of "Legendary Status"! And a "Sound Board" across this Incredible "Body Of Works", you'll hear 'Here', on this CD recording effort! I encourage you to check it out! And learn for yourselves,.. the "Dynamic Duo" these two are!_ Jonathan Moffett_.

Background Magazine


Swiss keyboard player Patrick Moraz is mainly known for his work with acts like Refugee, Yes and The Moody Blues. Between his activities for these bands, he could often be found in the company of several drummers and percussionists like the Brazilian Djalma Correa and Bill Bruford (ex-Yes). He has also released several solo albums that contain music ranging from progressive rock to fusion and from jazz-rock to electronic and classical music. The American drummer Greg Alban worked with musicians like Denny Laine (The Moody Blues, Wings) and Mike Pinera (Blues Image, Iron Butterfly), but eventually he chose for a permanent job as a financial advisor. Moraz and Alban have known each other for about thirty years. They thought it was time to seal this friendship by recording a duo album. This became MAP, an abbreviation of Moraz Alban Project. Read More...